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Transformational Life Coaching Academy for professionals who are ready to answer the call to teach, speak, lead, and impact this generation.
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This application will help you and I determine if you are a good fit for the program. Please answer all questions honestly and you will be contacted with a denial or acceptance to proceed to the next step in the process. First Question: Do you currently have a coaching business? *

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This 90 Day Training Program comes with ongoing support in a high level group of mature professionals. Are you prepared to invest in yourself at this level? *

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If you don't have one, a customized WordPress website will be created for you.

Are you able to encourage and support others who may be more successful than you? *

A jealousy free environment is required to foster collective elevation.

Are you coachable and ready to implement the strategies required to successfully complete this program? *

This program is for women who are authorities in their fields and want to monetize their wisdom through coaching, speaking, and becoming a source of priceless insight. Are you prepared to do the work required to be successful? Why? *

How much have you invested into yourself in the last 5 years? *

Please include traditional and non-traditional education, seminars, conferences, and workshops.

You may have been hurt before by other coaches. That's unfortunate. However - This is a fresh start. Are you ready to commit to investing in this high-level program.

If you are ready to commit, Review the options below and choose which level of enrollment is right for you. Note: You are not locked into any program until we reach out to schedule a meeting:

- VIP Certification & Mentorship ($4500.00)
- 12 Week Group Certification* Program
- Mindset Coaching
- 9 Additional Months of Mentorship
- Business Growth Strategies
- Sales Training
- Positioning 101
- Establishing Authority
- Finding Your Niche
- Writing for Social Media
- Will be completed via online platform weekly.
- Can be completed from anywhere in the world.
- Includes One Retreat Per Year


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You are not locked into any program until we reach out to schedule an enrollment call with you.

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